Jessie Kuntz

Motion Graphics Designer

I provide digital multimedia and web design services for independent clientele; assisting in creating or improving brand identity, as well as improving general customer experience (UX). I compose visually stunning customized graphic designs and motion-graphic works that leave clients speechless. I ensure high-quality and engaging animated compositions in addition to also creating beautifully edited video compositions for all my client’s marketing needs.

I have designed multimedia and web advertising for promotional marketing and more in the following industries: healthcare, casino gaming, hospitality, entertainment, education, non-profit organizations, and the private sector.


  • Boyd Gaming
  • Danielson Financial Group
  • Etika Logika
  • Sirens & Sailors
  • Withers for Warriors
  • Wild at Heart Mustang Sanctuary
  • The Glitterati
  • NoStinkUm
  • Mr. Glitterati
  • Lisa and Lorraine Music and Books
  • Glitterati Studios
  • Centennial Equine Massage
  • Withers for Warriors Foundation